Hello, this is ACEonline.

Thank you so much for your interest in our ACEonline

This is a guidance for how to contact with ACEOnline customer service.



* ACEonline homepage (ar.masangsoft.com) → Click SUPPORT
  MasangSoft homepage (http://global.masangsoft.com/ Click SUPPORT button 
  and then 
 Click WRITE button → Choose  ACEONLINE (EUROPE) (https://global.masangsoft.com/SUPPORT_INQUIRY)
 * Please, write ①You Server ②Account name ③Character name *


* Masangsoft email address: globalcs@masangsoft.com
   Please, write Aceonline on title and ①Your Server ②Account name ③Character name in the e-mail.


Please see the above information, I hope you do not have inconvenience for playing Ace Online.

We will work harder to offer better service.

Thank you.

2019.04.10 09:27


Hello, everyone.

Let me present armor of this month!

Period : 11th, APR ~ 9th, MAY

4 lucky armor.PNG

2019.04.08 08:01

[Announcement] No Server Maintenance on Apr, 8th

Hello, this is Ace Online.

First of all, we would like to thank everyone for all your support.
There will be no server maintenance on Apr, 8th, 2019.

Please note this announcement and if you have any questions, please let us know.
Ace Online will always do our best to serve you.

Thank you.

2019.04.01 06:06

[Announcement] Server maintenance on Apr. 2nd. 2019

Hello everyone.

Thank you so much for your interest in our ACEOnline. 
There will be server maintenance on Apr. 2nd. 2019.  

▣ For more details on the server maintenance 

* Date: 2019. 4. 2. (Tuesday)

* Maintenance Time 

- Turkey: 04:00 AM to 7:00 PM (3 hours) 
- Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Poland: 02:00 AM to 05:00 AM (3 hours)
- UK: 01:00 AM to 04:00 AM (3 hours)

* Target: All countries

* Update contents: Server Stabilization, Changing a chairman

※ Notice : Server maintenance may be shortened or extended depending on progress of the operation.
              Please exit the game before the server maintenance for saving your data stably. 

We’ll do our best to serve you better.

Thank you.

2019.03.29 05:23

My legendary gear event

[My legendary gear] event

■ Period: 1st, Apr ~ 5th, May

- Make post about the gear you board frequently or want to board. Then we will give the gear for you in a lottery.

- How to participate? : Post in user forum (you can just write or attach some screenshot)


- Title : freely or [My legendary gear]

- Please let us know your information as well : character(which you receive the armor), server, hoped-for armor(including enchant) and mail address

- Please let us know the exact armor name in game.

- If you win, we will add enchant(max. 10) on armor.

Bonus gifts for participant!

- If there will be more than 10 posts, we will give [1 Ammunition Recharge Box and 1 Enchant Item protect card] for all participants. (you can get only once per account)

- Winner announcement : 21th, May. We will notice on homepage and send a e-mail individually.



※ Notes

- You can post on your SNS(But you should let us know URL of your SNS).

- Your SNS account should be opened to public.

- When you participate in the event with your SNS, if the contents is deleted, it can be excepted from event.

- You can post the contents multiple times but you just participate in event only once.

- If you uploaded unrelated post, screenshots, or video link, you may be excluded from the event.

- Disputed posts can be deleted without notice.

- Event armor and limited edition armor can’t be rewards.   (e.g) GNWC armor

- We don’t give the armor which is not existed in game.

- No event enchant and hyper enchant.

- We can’t do Impossible enchant on game system.

- Please let us know the exact name of armor, If you write abbreviation, it may be delayed to give the item.

- If you delete a post after receiving the winning item, you may get penalty.

- Winning items are only given once per account.

- If the number of participants is not enough, it is possible there is no winner.

- If you don’t fill receiving character, the highest level character will be received.

Thank you!

2019.03.27 03:29

Membership Event of April!

Hello, all. 

Do you use the Membership service?

If you don't, join the membership and get some luck! 

We're having an event for players who use the Membership service! 

-You can get [1 SUPER SUPPLY BOX], and [30 B-TYPE CONDENSED SP KIT] After you playing a hour. 

-Event Period : 1st~7th, April 

Thank you for loving ACEonline!