Hello, this is ACEonline.

Thank you so much for your interest in ACEonline

This is a guidance for how to contact with ACEOnline customer service.



- Go to ACEonline homepage (ar.masangsoft.com) → Click SUPPORT Button
  MasangSoft homepage (http://global.masangsoft.com/) → Click SUPPORT button 
  and then 
 Click WRITE button → Choose  ACEONLINE (EUROPE) (https://global.masangsoft.com/SUPPORT_INQUIRY)

※ Please, write ①Your Server ②Account name ③Character name 


- Masangsoft Customer Service email address: globalcs@masangsoft.com
- Please, write ACEonline on title and write ①Your Server ②Account name ③Character name in the e-mail.


Please see the above information, I hope you do not have any inconvenience to play the Ace Online.

We will try to offer better services to our Aceonline users.

Thank you.

2018.06.12 06:54


 Hello, everyone.  

 Thank you for your interest in our game.

 The theme of this month's event is VICTORY! 

 Please check the below events and get some luck! 

     1.    Which team do you cheer for?

- Please leave a cheer up message!

- We will give [[Mark] Yellow Flower] and [Hyper Option Card Set] to three best wonderful message.

- Period : 14th ~ 28th, June


           - The way to participate

1) Theme : cheer up message for any sports team(which you cheer for)

2) Please leave a ticket on FORUM (https://ar.masangsoft.com/AOEU_FORUM)

3) The title and form don’t matter. Whatever you want, you can cheer up in your own way.

4) Please write your server name and character name, when you leave a ticket.


*  The item will be given without any notice.

2. Check the attendance for the VICTORY!

      -      Period : 14th~27th, JUNE

      -      Get these items after playing game for one hour in event period!

      -      In Weapon capsule ver.6, there is chance to get option initialization card in low probability

      -      In Philoin box, you can get one item randomly among these ones : super option card(rare probability), ammo recharging box, buff item, kit 



     3.    Strategy Point war.

-     Period : 15th~17th, 22nd~24th, JUNE (12~24h)

-     4 more strategy points will be added on every Saturday and Sunday in this period.

     4.    Happy Hour Buff Event

-     Period : 14st ~ 28th, JUNE 


     5.    Armor of this Month

-     Period : 14st ~ 28th, JUNE

-     “Armor of this month” effect will be applied on below armor for 30 days 


 Thank you! 



2018.06.05 09:01

[Announcement] No Server Maintenance on June, 6th

Hello, this is Ace Online.

First of all, we would like to thank everyone for all your support.
There will be no server maintenance on June, 6th, 2018.

Please note this announcement and if you have any questions, please let us know.
Ace Online will always do our best to serve you.

Thank you.

2018.05.29 09:24

Privacy policy's pop up will be shown

Hello everyone, this is AceOnline team. 

In accordance with new european privacy policy (GDPR), our log-in system will be a little bit changed after tomorrow's(2018/5/29) maintenance.

First of all, there will be a pop-up screen including new policy when the laucher is shown.  

There will be "I agree" and "I don't agree" as a below screenshot.


If you click "I don't agree", the laucher will be turned off automatically, 

If you click "I agree", the agreement pop-up will be disappeared, you can log-in through the launcher. 

It will be little bit more complicated than past, but for observing international regulation, we would like to ask for your cooperation.

Thank you for your interest in our game, always. 

2018.05.29 09:09

[Announcement] Server maintenance on May. 30th. 2018

Hello everyone.

Thank you so much for your interest in our ACEOnline. 
There will be server maintenance on May. 30th. 2018.  

▣ For more details on the server maintenance 

* Date: 2018. 5. 30. (Wednesday)

* Maintenance Time 

- Turkey: 04:00 AM to 7:00 PM (3 hours) 
- Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Poland: 02:00 AM to 05:00 AM (3 hours)
- UK: 01:00 AM to 04:00 AM (3 hours)

* Target: All countries

* Update contents: xigncode upgrade regarding windows 10

※ Notice : Server maintenance may be shortened or extended depending on progress of the operation.
              Please exit the game before the server maintenance for saving your data stably. 

We’ll do our best to serve you better.

Thank you.

2018.05.23 06:25

German server's influence error.

Hello, everyone. 
Here is a information regarding german server's influence error. 

Because of today's server error, all the influences of german server were initialized, so we couldn't make leadership in this week. 
We're very sorry for this inconvenience caused and we will proceed to make a leadership in further maintenance. 
Once again, we apologize that you've experienced this problem.

Thank you for your interest in our game every time.