Hello, this is ACEonline.

Thank you so much for your interest in ACEonline

This is a guidance for how to contact with ACEOnline customer service.



- Go to ACEonline homepage (ar.masangsoft.com) → Click SUPPORT Button
  MasangSoft homepage (http://global.masangsoft.com/) → Click SUPPORT button 
  and then 
 Click WRITE button → Choose  ACEONLINE (EUROPE) (https://global.masangsoft.com/SUPPORT_INQUIRY)

※ Please, write ①Your Server ②Account name ③Character name 


- Masangsoft Customer Service email address: globalcs@masangsoft.com
- Please, write ACEonline on title and write ①Your Server ②Account name ③Character name in the e-mail.


Please see the above information, I hope you do not have any inconvenience to play the Ace Online.

We will try to offer better services to our Aceonline users.

Thank you.

2019.05.27 08:02

[Announcement] No Server Maintenance on May, 28th

Hello, this is Ace Online.

First of all, we would like to thank everyone for all your support.
There will be no server maintenance on May, 28th, 2019.

Please note this announcement and if you have any questions, please let us know.
Ace Online will always do our best to serve you.

Thank you.

2019.05.21 02:44

My legendary gear event

Hello, everyone! 

Here is the result of our "My Legendary gear event"

Congratulations for all winners! 

First prize :  PMC (COSARIO) 

Second prize : WNxCryogenetic (HELIX)

Third prize : Wanheda (MIZAR)

Forth prize : Munno (HELIX) 

All winners will receive your prizes 

and also, 

All participants will get reward for participation to event! 

Thank you, and Congratulations! 

2019.05.20 06:54

[Announcement] Server maintenance on May. 21st. 2019

Hello everyone.

Thank you so much for your interest in our ACEOnline. 
There will be server maintenance on May. 21st. 2019.  

▣ For more details on the server maintenance 

* Date: 2019. 5. 21. (Tuesday)

* Maintenance Time 

- Turkey: 04:00 AM to 6:00 PM (2 hours) 
- Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Poland: 02:00 AM to 04:00 AM (2 hours)
- UK: 01:00 AM to 03:00 AM (2 hours)

* Target: All countries

* Update contents: server stabilization  

※ Notice : Server maintenance may be shortened or extended depending on progress of the operation.
              Please exit the game before the server maintenance for saving your data stably. 

We’ll do our best to serve you better.

Thank you.

2019.05.20 03:18

The way to cope with Exception Error


There are many inquiries about Exception error recently, 

so we're doing our best for finding resolution.

Please try to use this way to cope with Windows 10 Exception error. 

Thank you very much for your love and care in ACEonine. 


  1. <The way to cope with Windows 10 Exception error>

1. If you use NVIDIA graphic driver, Please connect to below site(NVIDIA official).


2. Select all information of graphic driver and OS and click SEARCH button.

3. Then, you will find the driver information of graphic card that you use.

4. Download the drive of version 3xx.xx.

-> It is possible to cause the Exception error when your driver version is over 4xx.xx.

<The way to check Graphic card and driver information>

1. Control Panel -> Device Manager -> Display adapter

Here, You can find information of your graphic driver that you are using.

2. Click “NVIDIA graphic card”

3. You can check version information of your graphic driver

ex) please check final 5 numbers. If the number is 3.8813 like below picture,

     then you have driver with version 388.13

<If the error continues to occur>

If you have an exception error even you’ve done every above step,

please give us every below file via Masnagsoft support.

1. Screenshot of exception error message

2. Specifications of your computer

- window button + R button of your keyboard

- Enter “dxdiag” in Execution window

- When “DirectX Diagnostics tool” is opened, please click “ Save all information”

- Attach this “dxdiag.txt” file when you inquiry, please.

- Find “ACEonine.dmp” file also and attach when you inquiry please.

(Route: Compuder -> Local disk (C:) -> Program files -> Masangsoft -> ACEonline)  

2019.05.17 03:11

Thank you for loving ACEonline! (GM event of May)

Thank you for loving ACEonline!  

-We prepared special presents for all users who love Aceonline!

-We will give Lucky coin(5 hours) and [Mark] yellow clover to all users who log-in for a hour on event day.

Log-in to game and get these items!

-Event date : 25th, May and 1st, June


Check the attendance!

-We will give you below items when you log-in for a hour in event period!

-Event period : 27th, May ~ 31st, June and 3rd ~ 7th, June.


Happy Hour Event!

-From every Monday to Saturday in event period, you will get happy hour buff.

-Event period : 21st, May ~ 11th, June


Additional strategy point!

-4 strategy point will be added in event period.

-Total 16 additional point will be generated to each influence.


Thank you!