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We will guide Ace Online Contact information

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[1:1 Reception Contact Information]
* Online Ace homepage ( → SUPPORT Click
  Masang Soft Main page ( Click! the screen comes SUPPORT → SUPPORT Click
   → ACEONLINE (EUROPE) and click Create contact (

[E-mail inquiries guide]

* Masangsoft email contact address:

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Please see the above information, I hope you do not have inconvenience for Ace Online play.

We will work harder to better service.

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2016.09.01 09:42

Account Transfer and Error Solution

Hi, Ace Online.

Thank you for visiting the homepage Masang Soft ACE Online.

Because there are many inquiries, We will explain about Account Transfer error Solution.



First, we'll explain about Account Transfer information.

※ Illustrative.
Game Forge Italy Account -> Italy Masang Soft Ace Online Account (transfer only)
Game Forge Polish Account -> Masang Soft Ace online UK Account ( impossible Transfer)
What you create a new account without account transfer can be started to all seven countries. Refer to our ACE Online Europe Homepage.(                  
★Integrated accounts are you can create on the Page from Click 'Sign Up' to Create a Unified Account!★
:--->Please create Integrated Masang Soft Account. 

Users who have not yet been transferred to Account(or error), please refer to the best post.


: Ace Online is make to go along with users. always.

※ Account Transfer error Solution

 'We couldn't find the game.100' is an error when there is no the Country Game Account. 
The account is transferred to the same country account as integrated Masang Soft account. (It is not to be moved between countries.)
★Integrated accounts are you can create on the Page from Click 'Sign Up' to Create a Unified Account.★-->Please Create integrated Masang Soft Account.

1. If the 103 error is an error that occurs when you click the button to start the game before the Account Transfer ,
This account is not transferred properly if you run the game before the Account Transfer.
Please create a New Account to Account Transfer

2. If you came out of the 200 error code it is a workaround.
Click 'CHARGE CASH' at Ace online homepage. Please proceed with the Account Transfer in that state.


*101 error is the error code when the game comes out (※run※) before Accounts have been already connected.
*102 error occurs because of the Account Login before the Transfer.
**Create one your web Account, Please re-transfer process with Game Forge Account.

Please note.

Thank you for your big love for Ace Online.

Thank you.

2016.09.01 05:24

How to transfer account progress

Hi, Ace Online.
Thank you for visiting the homepage Masangsoft ACEonline.

The service was airrivals GameForge in the name is changed in developer Masangsoft ACEonline. It will proceed to its own services. The game name is Ace Online.

I ask of your much interest and love.
We will guide you through the process of ACEonline Masangsoft transfer service.
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[transferred Guide Services]
 - Ongoing Duration: 
   Progress periods
                    - Turkey : September 1, 2016 10:00 am
                    - Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Poland: September 1, 2016 9:00 a.m.
                    - United Kingdom: September 1, 2016 8 a.m.
- Contents: Aceonline services and an open progress
- How to proceed

1. Masang Soft transfer application
    Ⓐ Please proceed Masang Soft Register. (link:
    Ⓑ At ACE online homepage, click on the image MASANGSOFT TRANSFER.
        (If you run the game, the account transfer will not be activate any more. you should not run your game before the transfer.)

    Ⓒ At MASANGSOFT TRANSFER window, after you select your country in the future, Please enter your GMAEFORGE ID and password. And click on the SUBMIT.

※ Precautions ※
① If you do not know the password, the account will not be transferred in progress.
② If you click on the button to start the game before the account transfer, the account transfer will not proceed normally.


※ etc
① if you would like to proceed with account transfer, first, Please proceed to transfer the account.
② Account and password used by Gameforge is used only for the transfer process.
③ About Masang Soft in one account, you can log in seven European countries server.
④ After the transfer is complete, when you login to the game, Login Masangsoft web account.
      (If you run the game, the account transfer will not be activate any more. you should not run your game before the transfer.)


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Please refer to the information guide, We hope you do not have the inconvenience to the account transfer process.

Masang soft ACE online all members of our development team and the operations team is really always strive to listen to your opinion,
We appreciate your interest and support for a new start in the ACEonline Masangsoft.
Thank you for infinite passion for Ace online.

Thank you.


2016.08.25 05:24

Change in Game Name

Hello. Ace online.
We bring you greetings Dear Thank you for visiting our home page for Masang soft Ace Online.
our game will tell game name to change.
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Our services in this game was named as Gameforge Airrivals.
Game name is changed to the Ace online. It will continue the service.
Please note notice. you do not have an inconvenience in using the game.

※ Game Title: Changes to existing Airrivals → ACEonline

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I thank you for your interest and passion of giving conserving ACEonline,
I'll try to be more ACEonline doing the best.
Thank you.

2016.08.23 08:48

Masangsoft scheduled guided self-service progress

Masangsoft scheduled guided self-service progress
Hello. The Masangsoft Aceonline.

First, given by visiting the website Masangsoft Aceonline.
We bring the Word of Thanks Dear customer.

Gameforge was in the service Aceonline.
The proceeds from the self-service Masangsoft website has been newly opened.

Enough to begin anew in Masangsoft
We Really hope to provide satisfactory service Dear customer
Thank you for your attention and love from you.

For more information about the Open Aceonline.
September 2016 is expected to come in progress since May 1,
It may be a time delay depending on the work in progress please refer this point.

For more details, escalate and how to proceed and we will guide you through the further notice.

Thank you.