2021.04.06 06:21

[NOTICE] Welcome to Philon Event

Hello. This is ACEonline.
We sincerely thank our members for using ACEonline,
and we have organized a Welcome to Pilon event in April.

For more information, please refer to the following.


1. Starcatcher combination event!

  ◙ Period: After maintenance on April 6 ~ Before maintenance on April 27

• If you log in for more than 1 hour during the event period, you can receive 1'Star Catcher'.
• If you log in for more than 90 minutes, you can receive an additional Starcatcher.
• Number of Star Catchers that can be acquired per day: 2
• Create a variety of items that are helpful in the game with Star Catcher!

-2 Star Catcher + 1000 Ion Particles + 200,000 SPI: B-Class Recovery Set
-2 Star Catcher + 2000 ion particles + 300,000 SPI: Activator of Elda (1 hour)
-3 Star Catcher + 3000 Ion Particles + 500,000 SPI: Hyper Module Beta (10 minutes)
-4 Star Catcher + 3000 Ion Particles + 600,000 SPI: Enchant Random Box
-5 Star Catchers + 5000 Ion Particles + Glory of Power + 900,000 SPI: Blade of War (5 hours)
-7 Star Catcher + 10000 Ion Particles + Glory of Power + 1 Million SPI: Hyper Option Card Choice Box

2. Recruitment of new pilots!
◙ Period: April 12th after maintenance-April 30th
• We will give [1 Rookie's Gift Box] to those who first created an ID after March 1, 2021!
• Rookie's Gift Box can be obtained by accessing the game for more than 1 hour (once per account)

• This is a package that contains essential items for the settlement of the planet Philon, such as hyper option cards, 500% experience points, warpoints, armor appearance change kits, and equipment!
• When Rookie's gift box is opened, a gift box of the next level is given together.
• As you level up, you can get better items

3. Return pilot welcome gift!

 ◙ Period: April 12th after maintenance-April 30th
• We will give '1 Blessing of Returned Ace' to characters who have not been connected for 30 days based on the last access date!
• Returned Ace's Blessing can be received by logging into the game for 1 hour (once per account)

• When an item is used, the returning user (R) is displayed to the right of the character's name, and the buff is applied for 15 days.
• If you are in a squadron with a pilot who used the blessing of the returning Ace and are on the same map, you can receive the same buff.
• Ace's blessing from returning from a squadron does not overlap with the same buff.

4. Highest level growth support event!

◙ Period: April 12th after maintenance-May 31st
• During the event, if you achieve a certain level, you will receive a level-up support item!
• Event items are paid only once per level section (once per character)

-Lv 107: Super Level Up Card
-Lv 108: Hyper Module Alpha 10ea
-Lv 109: Super Option Card Choice Box
-Lv 110: Power of Glory x2
-Lv 111: Hyper Level Up Card
-Lv 112: Battle Blade (5 hours)
-Lv 113: Hyper Module Beta 10ea
-Lv 114: 10,000 WP capsules  x2
-Lv 115: Hyper Option Card Choice Box x2

5. Notes
• After the event ends, Starcatcher will be deleted in bulk.
• Most event items are paid only once per account
• Event contents are subject to change without prior notice.

-------------------------------------------------- ------------

We thank you for your interest and passion for ACEonline, and we will do our best to become ACEonline.

Thank you.