2021.03.02 07:15

[NOTICE] Spring Festival progress information (update)

Hello. This is ACEonline.
We sincerely thank our members for using ACEonline, and we have organized the Spring Festival in March.

For more information, please refer to the following.

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1. Spring Combination Event

◙ Period: March 02 (Tue) ~ March 30 (Tue)

• If you log in for more than 1 hour every day during the event period, you will receive [1 Trace of Spring].
• If you log in for more than 90 minutes, you will receive an additional [2 Traces of Spring]!
• You can acquire a total of 3 Spring Trails per day.
• Create a variety of buff items to help you hunt and battle with the traces of spring!


2. Spring Happy Hour Event
◙ Period: March 02 ~ Before regular inspection on March 16

• Special Happy Hours are applied during the event!
- Monday: Item drop rate increased by 20%
- Tuesday: 10% discount at SPI stores
- Wednesday: HP recovery amount increased by 100%
- Thursday: 30% increase in experience
- Friday: 10% discount at WP Store
- Saturday: DP recovery amount increased by 100%
- Sunday: WP acquisition amount increased by 10%

3. Notes
• After the event ends, all traces of spring will be deleted.
• Event items are paid only once per account
• Event contents are subject to change without prior notice.

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We thank you for your interest and enthusiasm for ACEonline, and we will do our best to become ACEonline.

Thank you.