2020.07.21 05:32

[NOTICE] Military Factory Event Progress Guide

Hello. Everyone

We sincerely thank all of you for using Ace Online, and have prepared an event for [Destroy the NGC Military Factory!].

Please see below for details.


- Period: After regular inspection on July 21, 2020 ~ before inspection on September 01 

1. Destroy the NGC military factory!
    1-1. Event Content
      - After regular inspection on July 21, you can move to the [Remember Memories] map from the Warp Shop.
      - If you go back through the warp, you will see a large NGC munitions factory.
      - NGC's munitions factory is rapidly producing weapons to destroy all forces using God's mineral'Ortrium'.
      - A powerful shield generator protects the NGC military factory, and NGC troops are in the vicinity.
      - Destroy the NGC munitions factories to stop the enemy's production of munitions.

    1-2. [NGC Gun Factory] and [NGC Shield Generator]

      - An NGC munitions factory is created in the center of the past memory map and an NGC shield generator is created at the edge of each map.
      - [NGC Military Factory] has a shield and does not take damage.
      - If you destroy two or more [NGC Shield Generators], the [NGC Military Factory] shield will disappear.
      - Destroying [NGC Logistics Factory] will reward all users on the map, such as the Logistics Factory Supply Box.
      - [NGC Logistics Factory] [NGC Logistics Factory] and [NGC Shield Generator] are regenerated after a certain period of time after destruction.

2. Hosting this month's Armour Event

      - Period : August 1, 2020 to August 30, 2020
      - Amer of the Month: Raffid Wildcat Bale, Heavy Fortress Defender, Strong Sherman Gader, Sharp Mustang Binder

      • This month's armer effect will be applied to the following amers for 30 days during the event period.


We thank you for your interest and enthusiasm for those who care about ACEonline, and we will try our best to be ACEonline.

Thank you.