2020.05.12 02:59

[Notice] Boosting Package Sales Notice

Hello. Ace online.
We sincerely thank members who use Ace Online, and we inform you about the boosting package.
Please refer to the notice below for details.

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[Boosting Package Sales Guide]
  - Price: 49,000 M Coin → 19,900 M Coin

1. When using an upgrade ticket, it grows to level 106 at a time!

2. Upgrade Gift
  - Membership 10 days,
  - SPI capsule (500,000 to 1 million SPI box)
  - computer (A gear: Stakato BM, B, M, I gear: Arpeggio JB)
  - engine
     (A gear: counter JM-1, B gear: Histar JP-I, M gear: trouble counter BP-I, I gear Teen BT-I)
      basic and advanced weapon (1st Hyper Weapon Ver.3 with random options)
  - armor
     (A gear: Grizzly garter type R, B gear: phantom veil type R,
      M gear: tower defender type R, I gear prisma binder type R)

3. Precautions when using upgrade tickets
  - Only characters below level 106 can be used.
  - Only available in cities.
  - After use, it grows only to 0% of experience level 106.
  - After using the upgrade ticket, it cannot be restored to the previous level.
  - Missions (quests) are not automatically completed.
  - Boosting packages, upgrade gifts, and upgrade tickets are non-tradeable / not warehouseable.
  - Notices are subject to change without prior notice.

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Thank you for your interest and enthusiasm for Ace Online and we will do our best to make Ace Online the best we can.

Thank you.