2020.05.12 02:03

[Notice] Khorium Development Event

Hello. Ace online.

We sincerely thank the members who use Ace Online,
and have organized a new resource corium development event.

Please see below for details.

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1. Development of energy resource 'Korium'!

- Period : After checking on May 12 (Thu) ~ before checking on June 9

  • During the event, hunting monsters on the map has a chance to acquire [Korium Ore].
  • Corium ore cannot be used immediately because it contains strong toxic substances.
     [Korium neutralizer] can be used to remove toxic substances and convert them into usable energy sources.

  • The BCU and ANI allied forces have installed corium exchangers in each city to collect energy and conduct energy research.

  • When you exchange Khorium in the Khorium exchanger, you can get specific rewards depending on the resource level.

[Some of the Khorium exchanger compensation]

  -Hyper option card
  -Elda activator (1 day)
  -Miracle Chocolate (1 day) 
  -Better Blade (5 hours)
  -Red Lotus Blade (10 hours)
  -Hyper module alpha / beta

[Coral neutralizer payment]
  • If you log in for more than 1 hour each day during the event period, you will receive [1 Corium Neutralizer].

  • When connecting for 2 hours or more, one additional Khorium neutralizer is provided. (Total 2 Corium Neutralizers can be obtained per day)

  • Combination of Khorium Neutralizer and Khorium Ore from the factory can be rewarded by taking them to the Khorium exchanger.


2. New pilot welcome gift!

- Period: After checking on May 12 (Thu) ~ before checking on June 9

  • We give [1 rookie's gift box] to new pilots who haven't accessed since April 1, 2020!
  • Rookie's Gift Box
     - Includes items essential to settling the planet Philon, such as armor appearance change kits, war points, experience increase cards, option cards, and equipment!
     - When opening a rookie's gift box, the next level gift box will be provided.
     - The higher the level, the better items you can get.

  • Rookie's gift box can be received by logging into the game for an hour during the event. (1 payment per account)

3. Return pilot welcome gift!
  - Period: After checking on May 12 (Thu) ~ before checking on June 9

  • We will provide '1 Ace's Blessing' to pilots who have no access records for 30 days from the last access date!
  • You can receive 1 Blessed Ace by accessing the game for 1 hour.

[Ace's Blessing Returned (15th)]
  • Ace's blessings that have returned are automatically deleted from the inventory one day after hydropower, so we recommend that you use them immediately.
  • When using this item, the returning user (R) is displayed to the right of the character's name and the buff is applied for 15 days.
  • If you form a flight with a pilot who uses the blessing of the returned Ace and are on the same map, you will receive the same buff.

4. Other notes
  (1) Khorium ore, pieces of Khorium, Khorium Chloride, Neutralized Khorium, and Khorium Neutralizer will be deleted after the event type.
  (2) Hyper Module, Elda's Activator, and Miracle Chocolate can't be canceled.
  (3) All event items are paid once per account.
  (4) For other event inquiries, please submit through [1: 1 Inquiries].
  (5) Event contents are subject to change without prior notice

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Thank you for your interest and enthusiasm for Ace Online and we will do our best to make Ace Online the best we can.

Thank you.