2020.01.14 02:36

[NOTICE] NGC Force Subjugation Event

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all of you who are using ACEonline, and we have organized a NGC Forces Event.
Please see below for details.
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<NGC Force Subjugation Event>
   ※ Event period: 2020.01.14 After regular inspection ~ 2020.02.11 Before regular inspection
1. Defecate the hiding NGC Force Scouts and Attackers
- Contents
Ⓐ If you hunt monsters in the field after regular inspection, there is a chance that NGC forces will appear.
Ⓑ When shooting down NGC power gases, you can get recovery kits, hyper-option cards, and more.

※ Low level monsters (30 level or below), formation monsters, and event monsters are not summoned for power objects.

1-1.JPG    1-2.JPG

2. Obtain the Golden Token

- Contents
Ⓐ If you access more than 1 hour every day, one golden token will be paid.
Ⓑ The first week of the event (2020.01.14 ~ 20) will receive an additional golden token.
Ⓒ You can combine the items as shown below with a golden token.
ⓓ This item can be combined in the factory.

- When using the Golden Box item, you can get various items such as advanced weapon effects, enchant destruction card, option card, and more.


3. WP shop appearance change kit sale

Ⓐ Gold armor variant kit set is sold in WP store.
Ⓑ Shop Price: 200,000 WP

3-1.JPG 3-2.JPG 3-3.JPG 3-4.JPG


-Golden tokens and golden boxes will be deleted at the end of the event.
-Event contents are subject to change without prior notice.

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Thank you for your interest and enthusiasm for ACEonline, and we will do our best to be the best online.
Thank you.