2019.04.15 02:02


Hello, everyone.

Here is a news about this month's event!
Participate in and get some luck!

1. Developed ‘Korium’, a energy resource!

-Period : 16th, Apr ~ 7th, May

-You can get [Korium Ore] with certain probability when you hunt monsters in map

-Both city has [Korium exchange machine] in event period

-[Korium Ore] has strong toxicity so you cannot use this right away. You should remove toxic material first and next, you can change this to usable energy resource.

-Allied forces of BCU, ANI installed Korium exchange machine for gathering Koriums and proceeding energy research.

-When you exchange Korium at exchange machine, you can get reward according to resource grade.



<Resource grade list>


[Part of rewards from exchange machine]

-White chocolate(1 day): increase 20% of shield recovery rate

-Elda leaf essence : increase 4.71% of evasion and defense rate of normal/advanced weapon.

-Pilot reinforcing agent(standard/advanced) : It dramatically increases the pilot’s physical ability

-Blade of red flame(10h)

-Blade of aggression(3h)

-Mighty spear & Perfect sight(5h)

-[Mark] yellow flower

[Get a korium neutralizing agent everyday!]

-When you play for one hour, you will get 1 [Korium neutralizing agent] everyday in event period.

-You can get a reward from exchange machine after combining [Korium neutralizing agent] and [Korium ore] in factory.

* Two agents in first week of event period

-In first week(16th~22nd(Apr)), you can get 2 of korium neutralizing agents.

2. Attendance event

-Period : 16th~29th, Apr

-You can get attendance reward when you play game one hour.


3. Additional strategy point

-time : 12~24 (12 hours)


4. Happy hour event

-Period : 19th ~ 30th

-Happy hour buff will be applied from Friday to Tuesday



-All of the Korium items (Korium ore, Korium fragment, Korium chloride, neutralized Korium, korium neutralizing agent) will be deleted after event.

-It isn’t possible to cancel while you are using if once use Pilot reinforcing agent and White chocolate.

-Every item is will be given only once per account

-The event contents can be changed without any advanced notice

Thank you!!