2019.03.11 07:51

Event for March - Destroy the NGC munitions factory!

Hello, everyone. 

New update is waiting for us! 

Participate and get some luck ;) 

1.   Destroy the NGC munitions factory!

    ● Period : 12~26, Mar

- After maintenance of 13th, you can move to [memory of past] via warp shop.

- When you move to past via warp, you can see the giant munitions factory of NGC.

- NGC factory produces weapons rapidly to exterminate all the influences with ‘Ortrium’, the god’s mineral

- The multiple energy shield is protecting NGC factory for producing war supplies safely and the force of NGC is arrayed in map..

- Please destroy the NGC factory against invasion of enemies!

[ Renewal of munitions supply box!]

- Munitions supply box of 2019 is renewed!

- You can get these below items with low probability from munitions supply box.

1) Hyper Enchant protect card

2) Hyper option card

3) Enchant protect card

4) All stat reset card

5) Partial stat reset card

2.    Attendance event of March!

    ● Period : 13~26 of March

    ● These Items will be given after a hour from your log-in in event period!


    ■ Bonus event in weekend!

      ● You can get 1 mini stealth card once, after a hour from login in weekend!

      ● Period

        - 23~24 of March [once]

        - 30~31 of March [once]


 3.   Additional strategy point!

      ●  Time : 12:00~24:00 p.m.

      ● 3 more strategy points will be added.

      ● In event period, the number of additional strategies is same (9 points).


4.   Happy hour event

      ● Period: 22nd, Mar ~ 2nd, Apr

      ● Happy hour buff will be applied from Friday to Tuesday.


5.    Armor of this month

   ■ March’s lucky armor!

   ● Period: 13th, Mar ~ 10th, Apr

   In this event period, effect of armor of this month will be applied on below armors.


Thank you!