2019.02.01 07:52

Valentine's day event (edited)

1.   Valentine’s day with lucky monkey!

  [Kill the monkey]

➽ 2/13~27, Feb.

➽ You can find Monkey and Red monkey with low probability when you hunt in field.

➽ Also, you can get a little more special item from Red monkey

    [‘show your monkey’ event!]

      ➽ When you leave a ticket with screenshot of monkey, we will give you a gift by drawing! !

      ➽ Entry Deadline : 27th of February

      ➽ Uploading screenshot: screenshot of FORUM

      ➽ Title: free

      ➽ Please fiil your server and character name in your ticket!

      ➽ Confirmation of prize winning: 6th of March, News

      ➽ Giving item : Until 8th of March

      ➽ If you give us SNS(public) or Youtube rink, we will give you [3 Valentine’s day chocolate] regardless of winning


 2.   Additional Strategy point!

      ● proceed time: 12-24

      ● 3 more points will be added in event period

      ● In event period, there are 9 points for each influence


3.    Make some Valentine’s chocolate!

   ■ Collect piece of chocolate!



    ● period :13th ~ 26th, February

     - When you log-in and play for one hour, we will give you [1 Piece of chocolate] everyday

    ● When you combined chocolate pieces in factory, you can get [Valentine’s day chocolate]

first week, you can get double! !

     - In 19th~22nd(edited). 2 chocolates will be given everyday!

   ■ Get some luck of chocolate from Valentine’s day chocolate!

    ● Valentine’s day chocolate is renewed!

    ● When use Valentine’s day chocolate, you can get 1 of below items with low probability.

     - Super armor option card (prefix)

     - Super armor option card (suffix)  

     - Hyper enchant item protect card

     - Hyper level up code

     - Super level up code

     - Random armor Ver.8

※ Every piece of chocolate will be deleted after finish the event

4.   Check the attendance!

    ● Period: 6th~19th, February

    ● After playing for one hour, you can get these items in event period!


5.    Valentine day’s happy hour event

      ● period: 6th~19th, February

      ● Happy hour buff will be applied in Valentine’s day event period


6.   Armor of this month

   Two types of armor effect will be applied on armors for 30 days in event period

   ■ Valentine’s day armor

   ● period : 6th~20th, February


■ Limited-Type armor

   ● period: 21st, Feb ~11th, Mar


Thank you!