2018.10.23 08:23

2018 Halloween Event & Server maintenance

2018 Halloween Event & Server maintenance

Hello, every one,

For this year’s Halloween day, we prepared some special Halloween event!

Let’s participate and get some luck!

-EVENT Period : 24th, OCT ~ 7th, NOV

For this event, there will be server maintenance on 10. 24th, 2018


◎ For more details on the server maintenance

*Date : 2018. 10. 24 (Wednesday)

*Maintenance Time

-Turkey : 04:00 AM to 10:00 AM (6 Hours)

-Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Poland : 02:00 AM to 08:00 AM (6 Hours)

-UK : 01:00 AM to 07:00 AM (6 Hours)

*Target : All countries

*Update Contents :  Halloween event


1.Special Halloween map is back!

  • You can enter into the map through the each city’s warp gate

  • There are 3 channels to play

  • Normal monster in this map drops recovery kit item

2. Kill the Hallowidow!

  • When you kill the Tree Stump Monster, Hallowidow will be summoned!

  • Tree Stump Monster

  • When you kill the hallowidow monster, stronger monster will be summoned and higher reward will be given as well!

  • Hallowidow(Nymph) -> Hallowidow(Larva) -> Hallowidow(Imago)

  • When Hallowidow gets damage, it will summon Natings

  • When the limit time is over, Hallowidow will be disappeared.

<Hallowidow drop item>

-Bat candy : from Hallowidow(Nymph)

-Be able to get randomly among Halloween capsule / computer random box / [Hologram Card] Random / C-grade sp recovery kit

-Hallibo : from Hallowidow(Larva)

-Be able to get randomly among Super option card set / angel blessing / computer random box / B-grade sp recovery kit

-Pumpkin basket : from Hallowidow(Imago)

-Be able to get randomly among Hyper option card set(low probability) / Enchant item protect card(low probability) / A-grade sp recoveriy kit / Hyper weapon capsule


Thank you for your great interest in our game!