2018.08.30 02:29

Fascinating Autumn Festival (September's event)(revised)

Hello, everyone!

Autumn is coming and we prepared special event for September!
Let's participate the event and get some luck!

1. Thanks For Autumn!

- We will give you THANK-YOU GIFT when you purchase over 100,000M coin in event period.


2 Hyper protect cards, Hyper option card set, Red sword(10H), [Mark] Magic circle or [Mark] Black wing

- Aggregation period : 9/1(00:00)~9/30(23:59)

- We will contact you if you charge the coins over 100,000 until 10/2 via in-game message or e-mail,

then please let us know which character do you want to receive the items until 10/9.

We will give you the items on 10/10, after maintenance.

This gift will be given only once per account and if you don’t contact us until 10/9, we will give you the items as below priority.

- most highest level in your account

- If the all character’s level are same, the higher EXP character will receive.

- If the EXP is same, recently log-in character will receive.

- ** If you refund the coin after event, the event item will withdraw, too.  

2. Happy hour event on weekend!


3. Strategy Point war

-1st, 7th, 8th, 14th

- On these days, there will be 4~6 more points.


4.  Check the attendance for one fascinating autumn!

- After 1 hour from your log-in, you will get these attendance reward!

- Period : 9/1~9/21

- On every Thursdays and Fridays, you can get items with just log-in!

- 9/1~9/7 : You will get 1 extra Random mini capsule

- 9/8~9/14 : You will get 1 extra recovery kit capsule!    


      5. Armor of this month

- Armor effect will be applied on this month


Thank you!