2018.02.06 06:04

[NOTICE] February's GM Event

Hello everyone.

Thank you so much for your interest in our ACEonline.
There will be February's GM Event soon.


※ Period: Feb. 8th. 2018 ~ Feb. 26th. 2018



-       Period:  2/15(THU)~2/18(SUN)

-       Reward: We give these items when you play for one hour

-       2/18(sun): picture of lovers & tooth of beasts(basic, A gear)

                         Picture of lovers & tooth of beasts(premium, BMI gear)



-       Period: 2/8(THU), 2/14(WED), 2/15(THU), 2/16(FRI), 2/17(SAT), 2/22(THU)

-       Time: between 06~24

-       We’ll have Strategy Point Wr on event day

 3Valentine’s day Event :CHECK THE ATTENDANCE


- Period : After maintenance on 2/8(THU)~ before maintenance on 2/22(THU)

- -  - When you play the game more than hour on this period, we’ll give you Chocolate (Energy, Shield Recovery)

- We’ll give you extra lucky box [ valentine’s day chocolate] on 2/14 ( You also should play more than hour).

- Valentine’s day Chocolate : There are random lucky items


     4.  Armor of this Month


      -    Period :After maintenance on 2/8(THU)~ before maintenance on 2/22(THU)

-       “Armor this month” effect will be added on Valetine’s Heart Series

5. Golden “CHEER UP!” event

-       Post the “cheer up” message on our bulletin board.

   Topic: Cheering up for your members of the national team. We’ll draw for winners (5 people).

-       Reward: Mini stealth card(2), S grade HP shield kit(200), C grade SP recovery kit(200)

-       Ways to participate : post “cheer up” message, screenshot or video on our bulletin board (“Forum” page).

l  You can use your private page (Facebook, blog, web page, Instagram, etc). Just post the rink together.

l  N.B : 1. When you post, put [cheer up event] on your title.

     2. Please let us know about your game server, game nation, character name

 7.        6. Cheering up buff event


-       Period : 2/8(THU)~2/26(MON)

-       We’ll have “HAPPY HOUR” event on event period.

l  N. B : It could be changed without advanced notice.

All item offer only once per account.

      We’ll do our best to serve you better. 

     Thank you.