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Special contents! Nest of lock point battle!

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 ▶ How to proceed
<Upper part of Rock nest>

<Nest middle layer of Rock (BCU, ANI)>
    - The Rock Nest Stronghold is conducted in three places: Rock nest upper layer, Rock nest middle layer (BCU), and Rock nest middle layer (ANI).
    - Rock nest upper layer: 1 neutral point created
    - Rock nest middle layer (BCU): Creates one BCU point
    - Rock nest layer (ANI): Generate 1 ANI point
    - The forces that destroy or destroy the opposing power points win.
    - All users can only attack neutral points and not attack points
    - Destroying a neutral point reduces HP of opponent's power points
    - A missile-type monster [pointbuster] is summoned where there are power points of the forces that destroyed neutral points
    - If one point continues to destroy a neutral point, the point buster will be overlaid.
    - Point Buster attacks the points of the forces that destroyed the neutral points.

1) W / L Result
      ① The forces that destroyed the opposing power points first will win.
      ② At the end of the time limit, the power of many HP of the point wins.
      ③ If you have 100% HP points, you will not receive compensation.

2) Compensation payment method
      ① Reward is given to victorious forces.
      ② The defeated forces receive less compensation than the victorious forces.
      ③ If the physical strength ratio of the points is the same, a small amount of compensation will be awarded.
      ④ If it ends with a timeout, you decide win / lose according to each power point HP.
      ⑤ The user receiving the compensation is limited to the users in the ongoing map.

3Payment compensation


Payment compensation

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