2017.05.30 09:56

Attack NGC Military Plant !! event

Thank you to many members who love and love Ace Online.

We will inform you about the "New Event" for the May holiday season.

[Attack NGC Military Plant !! event]

▣ Application period: May 31 ~ June 14

▣ Progress

1. Memory of battlefield

☞ You can go to Warp Stores in the city of each power with the "Memory of War" map

☞ NGC military factory, shield generator, and monster are created in the center of memory map of battleground

☞NGC military factory is protected by a shield

☞ When you destroy two or more shield generators, the shield of the gun factory disappears.

☞ When the shield generator is regenerated during NGC army plant attack, the shield is regenerated

☞ If you destroy the NGC Military Plant, all users on the map will receive 300WP capsules, ALL of the Armor Collection Capsule, and a logistics supply box.

☞ You can acquire a special item in probability distribution box

※NGC military factories do not appear in safe areas.

◆ When the shield is activated


2. Armor Event of the Month

☞ The armor effect of this month is applied to 4 types of armor for 30 days.

Rapid Wildcat Vale

Heavy Fortress Defender

Strong Sherman Garder

Sharp Mustang Binder

Thank you for your interest and enthusiasm in keeping Ace Online,

We will make our best efforts to become Ace Online.

Thank you.