2017.03.14 02:57

★ Ace Online Special Upgrade Patch (EP 4-6) ★

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About "ACE Online New Episode EP4-6 Update Contents"!

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1. New map!

"Mirney pit house" <NGC conspiracy revealed>

미르니 채굴장.JPG

☞ NGC's secret pit behind the passage of Violet Cave!

 NGC has been reducing the life of the planet by collecting large quantities of orthotium, the main engine of Pilon.

 The Myrni pond is where NGC's hidden ambition is revealed.

<The boss monster "Testlica">

보스 몬스터 (테스틀리카).JPG

☞ Do you remember "Ketchakoattle" that used to live in the rock nest?

  Pilon's creatures instinctively intuition that the life of the planet is diminishing

  ::Attack NGC mining facilities, but they are captured by them!

  "Testlica" has become much stronger than the existing "Ketchakoattle" through the NGC modification process,

  It is a monster of desperate desire for freedom.

 <Questionable NGC elite pilot>

몬스터 (의문의 NGC 정예 파일럿).JPG

☞ Pilot questioning from time to time to penetrate Bijenyu and Arlington's communication system

  It also appears at the new map Myrni prairie.

2. World Map!

☞ You can see the information of your current position and map, brief information about power, war, and so on at a glance.

3. Add Destruction Auction House

☞ The auction is done for 3 hours, and all items go up at once.

☞ Items that are on the auction will be destroyed for 3 hours before the auction starts.

    The auction start time is 8 times a day at each hour (12:00 am, 3:00, 6:00, 9:00 pm, included morning and afternoon)

    Items destroyed in each time zone are registered.

☞ Items that come up in the auction will be randomly raised 50% of the items destroyed 3 hours before the auction begins.

    Items are registered randomly for each type.

    (Ex - 1 basic weapon, 1 advanced weapon, 1 radar ... 50% of the total number of destruction)

☞ Weapon and armor should cost 10 or more, or 3 or more for engine / ancillary equipment / radar.

    It is registered in the auction place primarily.

☞ 10 or more of the destroyed items are registered in order,

    If you do not get 50% of all items destroyed when you lift all of them

   10 Chan and 3 Chan items will also be registered in the auction house.

☞ The auction start is fixed at 100,000 SPI (100,000 SPI).

☞ You can bid by clicking on the list and clicking the bidding button.

☞ Even if you participate in the auction, the SPI bid will not come out immediately.

    SPI exits when you receive the item after the auction is completed.

☞ Auction bidding can not be done by passing the maximum number of SPIs you have.

☞ The winning bid will disappear 24 hours after the winning bid.

☞ In case of auction house, you can use general auction bidding chip or premium bidding auction bidding chip

※ Bidding will proceed.

General Destruction Auction Site Bid Chip: Membership Registration Members who are paid daily

Premium Demolition Auction Bid Chip: Bid Chip Sold to Cache Shop

4. Changing the kit combination

☞ Three Class B Repair Kits => One Class A Repair Kit

☞ Three Class C Repair Kits => One Class B Repair Kit

☞ Three Class B Shield Kits => One Class A Shield Kit

☞ Three Class C Shield Kits => One Class B Shield Kit

5. Prefix, suffix options, add and renewal

6. Add 2st hyper weapon

☞ Fateless Ver. 1 ~ Ver. 5

☞ Eareu Ver.  1 ~ Ver. 5

☞ Dejilish Ver. 1 ~ Ver. 5

☞ Tyuricon Ver. 1 ~ Ver. 5

☞ Jillieot Ver. 1 ~ Ver. 5

☞ Hieros Ver. 1 ~ Ver. 5

☞ Nitras Ver.  1 ~ Ver. 5

☞ Huetreed Ver.  1 ~ Ver. 5

☞ Redispute Ver. 1 ~ Ver. 5

☞ Brakerosie Ver. 1 ~ Ver. 5

※ You can acquire from high-level monster and high-level boss monster

7. Improved Thief Force Buff

☞ Existing WP increases + 30% ~ + 100% => Increases the defense power by 1% ~ 10% during PVP, increases the evasion rate by 1% ~ 10%

☞ Existing monster attack damage, probability + 10% => monster attack damage, probability + 20%

8. Add Premium Armor Collection

☞ Premium armor is more gorgeous than armor in existing armor collection,

   It is the armor with the appearance of meticulous design.

☞ You can set premium armor collection in existing armor collection setting window.

☞ In case of premium armor collection, if armor effect of this month is added

   In addition, you gain the option to increase experience points and increase your item acquisition drop rate.

   (1 Coating: EXP increased + 4%, item acquisition rate increased by + 4%.)

9. A new armor collection!

10. A new cache item partner!

신규 파트너 추가 (필론 페어리).JPG

※ Name: Pilon Fairy

☞ A battle-assistant partner created by Dr. Rinkelman of the "Atum Research Institute"

   According to a legend, Pilone Fairy makes warriors forget their fear of death

   It is said that he helped to big fight.

11. Add new recovery cache item

☞ C SP 50: This is a package item that contains 50 C Class SP Recovery Kits.


☞ SR 800: It is package item that contains 500 class S shield kit and 300 class S repair kit.


12. New cache item burning level up code
Lv 1 ~ Lv 100 is available as an item,
  Each level of experience is 100% (Standard Level-up Code), 125% (Super Level-up Code) and 150% (Hyper Level-up Code)!::

13. Minimap visibility is improved.
☞ A field of view is added so that you can see the direction of the gas in the mini-map and radar.

14. Conditions for selection of leadership are relaxed.

☞ The conditions of candidacy for each power leadership have changed.

- Monthly Brigade's reputation increase by more than 1000 points (Candidate registration condition) → 500.

15. The Enchant UI changes.

16. The inventory field is incremented, and the Favorites tab is added.
☞ Inventory extension item allows existing inventory to expand from 60 to 150 spaces.
   (If you are using membership items, you can use up to 200 spaces.)
☞ The Favorites tab is added.
When you click on the star tab, the favorite box will be displayed in two lines.

☞ Frequently used or important items can be set as favorites on the corresponding tab, and a checkmark is displayed when wearing favorite items.

☞ Items that are set as favorites can not be discarded or traded, and you have to cancel your favorite settings to be able to trade and delete those items.

17. The maximum level is extended from 110 to 115.


Please be very careful with the EPISODE 4-6 update which is updated on March 15th.!

we always try to be Best ACE Online.

Thank you.